Digital Earthing - DSS

Digital Surge Suppressor (DSS ) which holds world patent for its unique invention. In addition to the patent, the product is also approved by UL, CE and awarded with many other certifications. This innovative product is widely used worldwide for critical applications (in Defence, Airports, Data centers, Test Labs, Communication sites, Medical equipment, CNC machines and many other sites & equipment).

DSS is perfect for electrostatic discharge and Lightening surge protection and it works independent of earthing. Therefore, DSS is designed for prevention/suppression of fire/damage due to -

  • Improper static discharge at work stations or Test labs
  • Cards in the Control Panel
  • Noise Reduction in Production Machine.
  • To maintain Ground to Neutral Voltage < 0.9 V

There are 2 major reasons of Electrical and Electronics Equipment failures.

  • Surges
  • Leakage Current


These are generated by direct Lightning strike. Generally our structures are covered with Lightning Arresters but as per study Lightning Arresters can channel down only 50% of current into the ground rest 50% of current through induction is to be handled by SPD (Surge Protection Device) devices. DSS ( Digital Surge Suppressor) will provide the ideal protection with integrated surge and spike protection for the Digital electronics and Electrical equipment.

Leakage Current:

Now a days every circuit is comprises inductive and capacitive load, so there is a generation of leakage current. This leakage current should be channeled down grounded properly else it will hit back to the internal circuitry and forcibly becomes the big reason of equipment failure.
The only requirement of leakage current to get grounding is minimum impedance. Now the more will be distance of cable of body earth wire to earthpit more will be the impedance and leakage current is not having that much strength to travel so long to the earthpit due to which leakage current couldn’t get grounded hence burn the internal circuitry of equipment which cause equipment failure.
DSS (Digital Surge Suppressor) provides zero impedance grounding as it gets connected so near to the equipment in parallel connection and provides grounding so that whole leakage current gets dissipate easily.
So as a whole DSS provide 100% protection to your electrical and electronic equipment.


With the solutions implemented at many Industries/factories/organisations, we have a track record of achieving 98.99% reduction in electrical and electronics failures in term of

  • Fire caused due to electrostatic discharge
  • Card failure in control Panel (PLC drive)
  • Production loss due to mal-functioning machines
  • Noise due to harmonics